TITLE OF THE PROJECT WALLeT (Wiki-Assisted Language Learning and Translation)
INSTITUTIONS INVOLVED University of Rome Tor Vergata
FUNDING/CALL DETAILS Uncovering Excellence (Local call)
DURATION 18 months (April 2015-September 2016)
SHORT DESCRIPTION The project has explored the possibility of  using collaborative computer-assisted translation as a means to develop metalinguistic awareness of Language for Special Purposes (LSP), with a twofold focus on translator training and second language acquisition (Baraniello et al. 2016a). The project, lying at the interface between applied linguistics and engineering, was aimed to devise, implement and assess a model based on recent trends in language teaching, namely Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) and Collaborative Learning (CL), with Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT).

This entailed testing different open source technologies and the attendant affordances, with a view to finding a web-based platform that suited the theoretical and methodological assumptions underpinning the project. At the same time, in line with LSP tenets for course design, attention was given to needs analysis, carried out through a web-based questionnaire.